Married Couples
Leader: Michael & Donna Mathis



What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. Mark 10:9 KJV


The Marriage Ministry at Living Word is designed to bring married couples into a more intimate relationship with God and their mates. We provide tools that will help couples develop and maintain strong biblically based marriages. We coordinate fellowship activities that promote communication and commitment within the marriage.


The Marriage fellowship and outings are on the 1st Friday of every month, 7-9:30 pm. Fellowship lessons are at the church and fellowship activities are held at various locations, see the church calendar for more details.


Married couples (members or nonmembers) are welcome to join us monthly…

If your marriage is ok, come join us;

If your marriage needs help, come join us

If you want to share your experiences, come join us

If you want to learn how to improve your relationship, come join us

If you need to talk, come join us

If you want to listen, come join us

Whether communication, conflict resolution, finances, or sex, come join us

Whatever it is about marriage and relationship, bad or good, come join us


If you would like to join this ministry please Click Here

   December 2018   
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