Deacon’s Membership Assignment

The Deacons and Wives are a vital unit in our Care Ministry.  They create a sense of family within our congregation by reaching out to new members, checking and praying with families in their alphabet group, visiting members that are hospitalized, and serving communion to the members that are sick and unable to make it to worship.  If you are sick,  going through a difficult time, or experiencing a lost in your family contact your Deacon and Wife immediately.


Who is my Deacon/Wife Team? When do I call them?

Call your Deacon or Wife when you have questions, when you need prayer or when you have an illness or death in your family.



Last Name begins with...

Contact Email Address

Daniels, Darryl & Janet

C, E

Dennis, Kevin & Yvette

F, G, H

Gay, Rueben & Saundra

I, J, Th

Hines, Tyrone & Earlene

A, K, L

Jones, Kevin & Cassandra

M, N

Lindsey, William & Marsha

O, P, Q, R

Mathis, Michael & Donna


Riggs, Mark & Michelle

T; not Th

Simmons, Samuel & Alice

B, U,V

Taylor, Clarence & Rhonda


Thompson, Jeff & Diana

D, X, Y, Z