How do I Contact The Pastor?

How do I become a member of Living Word Baptist Church?

How do I become a part of a ministry?

Do I have to be a memeber to be active in a ministry?

What do I do if my address changes?

At what point is membership considered inactive and how do I reactivate it?

How do I add something to the annoucements?

If I lose something, where do I go to retrieve it?

If I am in need of a financial giving statement, who should I contact?

If I am sick, who do I contact?

If there is a death in my family, what should I do?

As a member Living Word if a loved one dies that does not have a church home, can I request to have their funeral at Living Word?

What is the process of having my baby dedicated?

What age should a child be baptized?

If I was baptized as a child, do I have to be baptized again if I choose to join Living Word?

I am a member and I want to have my wedding at Living Word, what is the process and the cost?

Can I use space for non-ministry related events? Do you rent out space?

My ministry were scheduled for and used the kitchen. We used pots, pans, dishes, etc. Who washes the dishes and cleans the kitchen?

What is the process for having printed material (handouts, flyers, cards or graphics based items)?

Can I make copies? Where do I need to go to make copies?

Are we allowed to rent space in the facilities?

What ministries do you have for young children?

What is the approximate response time to information submitted online?

Whom should I contact if I have an idea or suggestion for a ministry that is not listed in the church’s ministry directory?